New Blue Funeral album “SOLUS”

“More than excited to release SOLUS into the world”

In the first week of July 2015, Blue Funeral will release a new full length album. The album titled “SOLUS” will have fourteen new studio tracks, including a new 8 minute version of “Good Day”. SOLUS, the follow up to Blue Funerals 2012 album A Perfect Year Will Come, will be released on 3rd July. The album is self-produced.

01. Razorblade (4:02)
02. Someone Like Me (3:08)
03. The Beating Of My Heart (3:58)
04. I Miss You (2:53)
05. Got Lost (3:10)
06. Do You Miss Me? (3:33)
07. Shoot (2:34)
08. It’s A Bitter End (3:40)
09. Lydia (The Devil In Your Head) (2:35)
10. Bomb (2:58)
11. Selfish (3:32)
12. Mother is ill (3:46)
13. Good Day New Version (Bonustrack) (8:09)
14. Sorrow (Bonustrack) (4:17)


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